Software Contributions

I have contributed code to various products.

Two Factor Auth List
A list of websites with two-factor authentication support. The source code of the project is published on GitHub.
Armaguard Online and ACM Online
A bank vault management system and cash ordering platform. I was employed to write code for the bank-related parts of the website around 2009–2018. Stack: Linux, Apache, Python, Perl, PostgreSQL, and Firebird.
(Defunct) A prototype web-based music information retrieval system. I got paid to write the early incarnation in 2003. Then I got really attached to it that I volunteered to maintain it for years while working on my PhD. I wrote the data storage back-end in C with the web application in Perl. The engine has evolved into Fanimae. I did the development under Solaris with Sun C Compiler.
Asia Trade Gate
(Defunct) A trading marketplace. I was employed to write it from scratch in 2000. Stack: FreeBSD, Apache, PHP, and MySQL.
An employment marketplace. I was employed to write code for the early incarnation of the website in 2000. Stack: Linux, Apache, Perl, and PostgreSQL (later Oracle).
When the WWW was still relatively young, I was studying physics at the University of Indonesia’s Faculty of Mathematics and Science. I volunteered to build the first version of the HTML-only website in 1997.
(Defunct) I got paid for every code that became published in this magazine from 1991 to 1998.