Here is a list of selected software I’ve written:

An application to crawl the web for audio files. Co-written with Kok Mun Loon. I used this during my PhD research to assist me creating my experiment data.
A desktop music information retrieval system. An experimental tool I used during my PhD research. A very fast symbolic music information retrieval system. Because of writing this software along with presenting a paper that describes it, I got return tickets to London.
An application to identify crystal systems. An experimental tool I used during my Sarjana (BHons) research.
An ISO C library. Only used for my personal use.

Note that I no longer maintain any of these. I don’t have time to do this as:

  • I have a paid job writing code for someone else, and it takes so much of my time already.
  • My interests are not only software development and computer science in general. Music is also a very big part of my life.
  • There is so much code and so many apps these days it is very hard to figure out what I need that hasn’t been written. Somehow, with so many tools available these days (compared to the 1980s and 1990s), it gets even harder to find ones that really interest me. Don’t get me wrong. A few options are good. Too many options aren’t. I prefer something with a somewhat modest number of users — usually this means something a bit difficult — to one that has a very big number of users — usually this means something so easy that it’s also too easy to write bad code.
  • However, if I feel like it, I write code publicly.
  • At the end of the day, I am a happy father of three beautiful kids and a happy husband of a beautiful wife. There are things that interest them that I also love doing together with them. Being with them gives me an amazing feeling that I can’t describe.